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Facias, Soffits & Gutters

Enhance and protect your property

As homeowners, we often take for granted the importance of facias, soffits, and gutters in maintaining the structural integrity of our homes.

These essential components of our roofing systems help protect our homes against water damage, insects, and various weather elements.

They can also be an easy way to complete or improve the look of any property!

We provide a wide range of facia, soffit and guttering products to match almost any property style.

Why Choose Our Facias, Soffits & Gutters

Our years of experience in the plastics and glass manufacturing and supply industry mean that we can offer some of the highest quality facias, soffits and gutters on the market, at prices that can’t be beaten!

Contact us today to find out why A&G Trade Plastics and Glass is Craven’s number one supplier!

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